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Encrypting and Password Protecting Individual Files and Folders


I am working on a research project in which I must encrypt and password-protect data collected from subjects. I cannot figure out how to do this with Bitdefender Total Security. I need to encrypt the data files I collect, and then password-protect the files and the folders they are contained in. Is there a way to do this in BTS?


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @MSlo1 and welcome to the Community!

    Unfortunately, an option to encrypt individual files and folders is not available in the product.

    But if you are using Windows, you can use a password to protect a folder or file. To do this, simply follow the steps described below:

    Right-click on the file or folder you want to encrypt and select “Properties” In the “General” tab of “Properties,” click on the “Advanced” button. In the “Advanced Attributes” dialogue box, under “Compress or Encrypt Attributes” section, checkmark on “Encrypt contents to secure data”. Click “OK”.

    I have included a screenshot to better illustrate this:

    I hope this will be helpful in your project.

    Best wishes.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, I am using Windows 10 Home Edition which does not have an encryption feature. This is only available in the Pro edition. I am looking at some other thrid-party options and testing them out. Thanks!