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The computers have been with us as far as we can remember. They have significantly changed throughout the decades and we’ve managed to store a Walkman, a calculator, a camera, games, calendars and letters in a single device. The first computer was available to the public in the 60’s and until then, such devices were reserved for scientists only.

Lately, appreciation for vintage computers and consoles has grown and some models that paved the way to modern computing are becoming collectibles.

We have all dreamed of finding some rare pirate treasure chest on a beach.

At Relics Corner, we invite you to show us your gems and post those vintage computers and laptops for us to appreciate.

Whether you own a collection of classic computers, or you kept that 80’s Macintosh in your closet, Relics Corner is the place to show it to the people.

Let’s see the best and rarest relics you have!

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