Cyber Horror Stories. Have you ever been hacked?

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Ever since hacking became a way of life and a profitable business for the bad guys, cyber attacks have caused major disruptions, chaos, compromised data and gruesome financial losses.

As we rely more and more on the internet in our daily lives, there is much at stake and security should be on our priority list, since we store most of our data in the digital world.

We hear terrifying stories of companies and institutions being incapacitated by cyber attacks and we can only imagine the havoc created within those organizations. But what about us, as individuals. Have you ever been hacked? Have you ever lost precious data, or had to pay to retrieve it due to a ransomware attack? Did any malware made its nest in your devices?

Tell us what was the scariest moment you have experienced when surfing the web. What steps did you take afterwards, to enhance your security online?

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  • Ratra
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    My CCTV camera was hacked a few days ago. Since than, I decided to buy Bitdefender to protect myself better and also bought a new Asus router.

    The problem is that my router just discovered some attacks from my girlfriend's laptop. I checked her laptop with Bitdefender and didn't find anything.

    I will attach the screenshots from my router. Does anyone know what is happening here?

    Edit: also Bitdefender blocked a port check from her laptop on my laptop.

  • works2020
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    CVE-2014-6271 allows a remote attacker to fully access your computer. Appears your security camera system is still compromised. There's a chance it's a false positive but need more information.

    Your girlfriend's computer may have file-less malware which is harder to detect. Is her computer still on the network?

    What devices belong to the IP's and Guessing .50 is the router and .10 is the CCTV equipment. What have you done to make sure the CCTV is not infected?

    Did you change the router default password, disable PNP, and turn off external access?

    Info on CVE-2014-6271:

    NOTE: the original fix for this issue was incorrect; CVE-2014-7169 has been assigned to cover the vulnerability that is still present after the incorrect fix.

    What port was blocked on your laptop coming from your girlfriends? Please include any information Bitdefender gave why it was blocked.