2022 Cybersecurity Predictions: What Can We Expect?

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If 2022 is anything like 2021, cybersecurity personnel will be extremely busy this year.

There is little doubt that the previous two years bear high-tide marks for ransomware. It is simple enough to find evidence of this. From high-profile breaches to major increases in attacks and attempted attacks, criminals are going where the money is, and that’s online.

The pandemic drove an acceleration in the digital transformation, connecting more physical infrastructure to cyberspace. This inevitably increased the surface area available for threat actors to target and made the consequences of a breach more serious. We have already seen how cyberattacks can affect physical systems, such as the Colonial Pipeline attack.

With cyberattacks presenting a major risk to all organisations, staying one step ahead of the threat actors is vital. To understand how the previous year will inform the 2022 cybersecurity landscape, DIGIT spoke with Chief Security Strategist at Bitdefender, Catalin Cosoi.

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