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Bitdefender Has Clean Hosts File - cont


Hi guys,

I spotted similar problem as mentioned previusly with cleanup of hosts file by BD, and to me wswitching off the option in BD to not scan this file is not the best option.

The solution should be that the file on the moment it's going to be scanned - should be just treated as original one and any further modifications (while it's still scanned) shouldn;t be allowed.

That's it!

Right now theonly option I have to keep my entries there is permanent switching off the scanning in BD - which I don't want.

Can BD support please consider this?





  • Totally agree. This is practically the only thing that makes sense to me and I'm disappointed to see it hasn't yet been implemented this way. Bitdefender should give us a legitimate way to create our own custom entries in HOSTS file, be it via a custom interface to define custom fields inside bitDefender, or to define a new state of the HOSTS file as the correct one.