How to stop the bdservicehost.exe task?


Hello everyone,

I recently purchased Bitdefender, so far I'm happy with the product, but I've encountered a very specific issue, and I'm hoping to find some help.

I installed Bitdefender Total Security on a laptop. The laptop isn't what you would call a powerhouse, so when I want to play some video games on the laptop, I usually shut down all the unnecessary apps and tasks to free resources. I discovered that Bitdefender's "bdservicehost.exe" consumes a few hundred MB of RAM even when seemingly idle. It's not a problem when I use the laptop for work or to watch movies, but I want to be able to shut down the task when I want to do something that's going to be more of a challenge for the ol' laptop. Unfortunately, it seems that the task manager can't end this task or this entire "tree" of processes. I either get no response at all, or an "access denied" notification. That's even if I have the protection in Bitdefender turned off, and even if I didn't start the app in the first place, the task is there in the background (disabling autostart doesn't help).

I didn't yet try to "force" the death of the task, I know there's the "Taskkill" command you can do in CMD but I'm not 100% if it's safe, and if it will actually work.

So essentially I'm looking for any tips as to how to temporarily end the bdservicehost.exe task so that I can free some resources, and then bring it back on once I'm done.

Thanks in advance for any help!



  • Flexx

    Well, to be honest, you cannot disable bdservicehost as it is a vital part of bitdefender software which processes various functions of the bitdefender services.

    And even if you are able to disable bdservicehost , it will hamper the true functioning of bitdefender software on your system & you might need to restart your system or reinstall bitdefender software from scratch.



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