Bitdefender support doesn't help !!

Hi . ive been trying to solve my issue via Bitdefender support chat . its been a month or two and still no one helps! all agents say " sorry the second level collogues are busy and we will put your case in priority " or something similar and …

issue : Bitdefender stopped selling my region license but three different agents assured me that if i buy global license it will surely work! i did and guess what ? they blocked my region's ip from accessing update server !! its totaly their fault misleading me and many other people buying global license and so on .

What should i do ?


  • Today is. I heard that the support desk of Bitdefender for consultation is useless, but first of all, I was not calm and emotional, what kind of software trouble was it? If you tell me specifically, I think it is possible to talk within the scope of my understanding.

  • so what can i do ?

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    I don't understand the whole story of why it happened, but I wondered if there was another process that made you emotional.

  • He already told you what the problem is. What on Earth are you talking about, "emotional"?

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    @Alexandru_BD , @Mike_BD - kindly check on this !



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    I felt it from the phrase and the content and flow of the text.

    If there is a misunderstanding, I'm sorry. the text.

  • any opinion ? , suggestion ?

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    Three years ago i bought a license for Total Security for 10 devices from their global site

    With that license i activated 4 devices in North Macedonia and 2 devices in Germany, without any problems. Since then, i renewed it twice. At this time, the license is still active on 3 devices in North Macedonia and 2 devices in Germany. It is like the agent from Bitdefender told me before, that if i buy a license from their global site, there are no geo-restrictions, meaning that i can activate the license on every device located in every country in the world.

    Speaking for me, your problem is kinda strange.

    Also, all members here in the community don't and can't have access to your license number, your devices or/and Bitdefender Central account, because those are private data and i think that nobody here could help you with the problem.

    So, your best bet is to wait for the support to e-mail you.


  • hi thanks for sharing that with me. yes indeed it is strange . it doesnt activate ant if i activate it with vpn i cannot connect to update server. my regions ip is blocked indeed

    i dont think waiting would help its been a month or two and i contacted 5 times and still nothing

  • Hello. It's not a consumer product, though. Bitdefender's corporate product activation authentication and definition update server usage port numbers are disclosed, and for corporate products, NTP port number (TCP123), TCP7074 to 7075, 7077, 27017, 3268 to 3269, 9440, 389, 636, 8443, 8080, 5228 to 5230, 80, 443, between servers if no other port is available I have confirmed the information that communication is not possible, but can you confirm the port control of the contracted provider or your router? We apologize for any inaccuracies provided.

  • If the information is incorrect, you can ignore it.

  • I thought it would be better to check the port used between the servers with the Bitdefender support window.

  • hi . thanks for helping . im sure they blocked my regions ip because app doent even let me login and shows internet connection error but after connection via vpn everything gets back to normal. i dont know why they said it will work if i buy global version!!!

  • Hello. It is said that if you purchase the global version, you can handle it, but although it is a contracted provider, the IP address of the closed network such as carrier grade NAT on the carrier side is assigned, and communication to a specific server is possible. Can't you think it's being hindered? Or is it not possible to judge that the line has specific port restrictions on the provider side and has port restrictions for S-NAT and D-NAT?

  • no i dont think so because February 2022 Bitdefender sent all people in my region an email that Bitdefender is closing all your regions account and deactivating licenses so its highly probable that they blocked our ip as well . i thinks its from their side

  • We know.