Question about Bitdefender Total Security firewall


the product I use is Bitdefender total security, and the system is win10. I have some questions to ask:

First, does Bitdefender total security call the Windows Firewalls that come with the system, or is it like avast! and Kaspersky, has its own firewall technology?

Second, when setting up the Bitdefender total security firewall, I encountered a problem. When setting the rules, I can only choose a single port, such as "21", or continuous ports "1-21", if I want to set multiple different ports port, such as 1, 12, 21, 31, do you need to create four different rules?

Third, does the Bitdefender total security firewall have built-in firewall packet filtering rules, I don't seem to see the relevant settings

Thank you very much for your answer