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How to Spot a Phishing Attack on Your Phone

edited July 2022 in News & Blogs

Mobile phishing is becoming increasingly popular among cybercriminals as people gullibly interact with the booby traps while refusing to install a security solution on their phone.

According to Bitdefender’s 2021 online behaviors report, 61% of internet users experienced at least one cyber threat over the course of the year. Phone scams and phishing accounted for 59% of all the threats.

At the same time, respondents expressed mixed feelings about installing a security solution on their mobile, with 30% refusing to install one, citing misconceptions like:

  • My smartphone has online security embedded (16%)
  • My online habits do not require a mobile security solution (14%)
  • Security products are difficult to install (9%)
  • Too many false warnings (9%)
  • Conflicts with other apps on the device (8%)
  • Smartphones are not exposed to malware (7%)…

… and the list goes on. In fact, 13% of respondents bluntly put it this way: I don’t trust antivirus providers.

However, these misconceptions drive cybercriminals to keep improving their methods and increase their chances of a payout.

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