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I get constent notification saying "malicious behaviour blocked". While I already notified bitdefender by phone and they are looking at the logs to see what could be the issue about it, I would like in the meanwhile to disable notification as I get them every 10sec. Is there a way to do it?



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    Everytime a threat is detected, you will get a notification in the lower right corner of your screen and you can't disable those notifications.

    So, you must wait for a reply by Bitdefender customer support.


  • PaulR
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    I found this absurd that you can't disable the notifications, the solution the person gave me at the phone is: you can disable bit defender if you want...

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    Looking for a close to issue. Expecting a reply.

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    As @Gjoksi said, the notification regarding the malware detection and disinfection cannot be switched off currently in bitdefender product.


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  • HI, I am having the same issue. I want the software to do what it's doing but in the background.

    When is it expected that such a basic setting will be available?

    This is so annoying that I rather cancel my subscriptions and switch to another software than put up with this for long.


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    On the same request, check out my comment here:

    @Alexandru_BD and @Mike_BD Any news on this? Thanks.

  • Hello @Zsenialis, the "suspicious connection blocked" is intrinsically part of the engine and it's a base feature you cannot turn off completely (the user must be notified of such event happening). However, as we have gathered more and more feedback from the community, we are now working on finding a throttled approach so that, even these events occur and are "suspicious" - therefore potentially risky- the user should be notified in a less bothersome manner.



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  • Having Issue. How do I turn off these notifications? I've been watching a series in 20 minutes and I've counted about 18 of these pop-ups. They're far more annoying than any ad I've seen on a website. They pop up even in full screen.

  • Not being able to disable these pop up notifications is absolutely laughable. You should be paying us to use this in its current state.

  • For the love of God, make these damn notifications stop!!!! I am two clicks away from disactivating Bitdefender all together because this is beyond ridiculous! Why am I getting 50 notifications in 5 minutes if I don't actually need to do anything????

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    Hello @Crina and welcome to the Community. Annoying at they may be - they're cause by something. Can be many reasons and the engine is therefore providing direct warning.

    Usually, it's a matter of expired certifications for some websites. Can you share the notification which you are getting?


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  • @Mike_BD the most annoying notification is "Suspicious web page detected"

    But basically it's due to some old page running in background tab doing something.

    Even the description from the notification said "the page is not blocked", then just keep it this way, don't pop up some blocking notification on top of everything

    I am happy if Bitdefender just log it and not showing me these warning message.

    Seriously considering uninstalling Bitdefender recently due to the excessive notifications after it upgrades to Bitdefender Antivirus Free

  • Hello @jasonycw and welcome to the Community!

    We have addressed this in previous builds, implementing a throttling mechanism that would decrease the number of notifications and just log them.



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  • Hello @jasonycw,

    In addition to the above, in the event you do not visit the website and you still receive these notifications, then your browser connects to it either through allowed notifications or toolbars/extensions, as you have mentioned that, I quote, "it's due to some old page running in background tab doing something". I suggest that you clear the cache & cookies, remove any unused/unknown extensions and if the issues persist, reset your browser. You can find these steps here:

    More information on how to stop this notification is available in the below article:


  • I am in complete agreement with the complaints of too many notifications and I am glad they are being looked at. Norton lost a lot of business for the same reason. I understand the legal reasons for covering yourself, but many of us are experienced enough to know when we have a vulnerability, thank you very much.

    One in particular demonstrates this craziness. When I activate the internet or some other unknown activity, a message will appear that says to the effect: it looks like XYZ is your home office network. Can you confirm so Bitdefender can run scans against it?

    C'mon guys. "It looks like'??? That's as close to a guess as you can get. I have multiple networks, that I use for home/office as they are available if there is a problem with one network that I know just needs to be diagnosed. I don't have time to deal with a notification, much less one that will cause even more activity that will slow down everything, as Bitdefender does every time you awaken from sleep mode, reboot, or do anything Bitdefender thinks is "New" or "Looks like."

    Remove the notification that Bitdefender "thinks" is a home office network requiring a scan.

    And do something about Start up scans (bdservicehost) that just add to an already slow process for operating systems that have also been over-engineered. I realize they should be active while we are, but fix that required scan at startup. Why have it?


  • For the love of all that is sacred... STOP THESE DAMN POPPING NOTIFICATIONS!

    I'm super happy that BitDefender is blocking and protecting me AS I EXPECT IT TO, YOU CAN STOP BRAGGING ABOUT IT every damn time...

    If I'm using my graphical design tools and I'm doing a dragging movement, drawing a line, doing a selection, etc, my work is lost and I have to start all over again. It's really becoming a way for me to hate the tool...

    Enable at least "Prevent new notifications of this type for the next ... 6h", OR ANYTHING... having no way to stop it is a clear sign you have not being doing a diligent User Experience approach. 😣

  • Hello @CapBlah,

    What type of pop-up notification do you get? Is it 'suspicious connection blocked', 'threat detected' or what exactly is being displayed? Knowing this, we can recommend ways to supress the notification. Most of the in-product notifications can be disabled, but whenever there's a security related notification, the trigger should be addressed to make the notification go away. If you are working on your device, I would also suggest enabling the Work Profile, because this will disable alerts and pop-ups that steal focus. You can find more information on how to do this in the article below:

    Then, to disable notifications in Bitdefender you can apply these steps:

    Open your Bitdefender program and go to:

    1. Settings -> General and disable "Special offers" and "Recommendation notifications"

    2. Protection -> Antivirus -> Settings -> Scan flash drives and select "Autoscan" or "Disabled", do not select "Ask every time" (for the "USB Immunizer Recommendation" notification)

    3. Privacy -> Safepay -> Settings and disable "Safepay notifications"

    4. Privacy -> Video & Audio Protection -> Settings and disable "Notify when allowed applications connect to the webcam", "Notify when an application tries to access the microphone" and "Notify when browsers access the microphone"

    5. Utilities -> Profiles -> Settings and disable "Activate profiles automatically" (for the Profile notification)

    After doing that, in the future no pop-up notifications will be displayed in the lower right corner of your screen.

    NOTE: Even if various types of notifications are suppressed, this doesn't mean that the product will no longer communicate operation or detection issues. There are still many situations where the user must be aware of what is happening.

    Let us know how it goes and if the notifications could be supressed after applying the above steps.