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Bitdefender doesn't appear in popup menu when using other file managers than windows explorer


I have an issue with Bitdefender which doesn appear in the popup menu if I use other file manager than windows explorer. You cannot expect that all users are using the crappy windows explorer. Please provide a solution for this bug. I am using Total Commander and practically I cannot scan any folder by using the popup menu which is the easiest and most convenient way.


Best regards,

Mihai Draghici


  • Flexx
    edited May 2022

    I have moved your post to PRODUCT FEATURES AND IDEATION category.

    This is not a bug & bitdefender product is only designed to have a shell extension/ contextual menu scan available for windows explorer only.

    While your feedback is appreciated but it is highly unlikely that bitdefender will introduce this option since these types of request are given less priority.

    That being said, maybe @Alexandru_BD, @Mike_BD can provide a detail information regarding this.


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  • Many thanks for the fast answer. Maybe this is the feedback that you would note: most probably you just lost a customer.

    Best regards,

    Mihai Draghici

  • Flexx
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    As quoted earlier, the feature suggested by you comes under low priority. And as you can see the links shared by @Gjoksi which clearly states that other members also had requested for this feature in the past but it seems like the development team is currently not interested in bringing the requested feature back otherwise they would have done that already.


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  • I understood your point of view but I cannot use your software as I don't use windows explorer. And I am pretty sure that I am not alone, therefore not addressing the customers who are not using the standard windows file manager is very surprising for me, but it is your choise of business model. All I can say is that I am sorry I payed for one year, but for sure I will not renew the license. Furthermore, if you decide in the future to address this bug (sorry for me it is a bug not a new feature, there are softwares of 2 MB which add a lot of sh*t in the popup menu for all possible file managers) just write me please.

    Best regards and all the best.

  • Limpi
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    I am new user of Bitdefender and am very satisfied so far, except this one thing:

    Bitdefender is not showing in Total Commander (64 bit) file manager's context menu.

    I know this is a known bug and I see that it is unfixed since at least 4 years (!).

    This is a very easy thing to fix, please do it!

    I use TC all the time and it is very annoying that I am unable to acces the Bitdefender context menu from it.

    (Windows Defender is appearing in that context menu...)

    Until this is finally fixed do you have any trick to show the context menu?

  • garioch7
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    @Limpi ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. This is not a "bug." It is a feature that has not been implemented for reasons known only to the Bitdefender Product Development team. I am a user of xplorer2. It, too, lacks that right-click option to scan with Bitdefender.

    I also have another security product, which includes the option in my xplorer2 right-click option to scan with it, as well as with Windows Defender.

    Personally, I would like to see this feature implemented, but I am guessing that it is a matter of priorities . . .

    That said, users were able to bring back the "Security Widget" when enough users complained about it being discarded in a new version a year or two ago. BD does listen, in my experience, to its users.

    Again, personally, I have accepted that if I want to scan an individual file quickly, I have to use Windows Explorer to do so. It is not ideal, but then how many third-party "File Explorer" programs should BD create this function for?

    This is just my two cents. Others may have very different and legitimate opinions on the subject. I have no affiliation with BD except as a customer and frequent poster in these BD Forums.

    Have a great day.



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  • It was impemented poorly in the first place. There is a way to implement it to show context menu not only in Windows Explorer but all third party file managers too. For example Windows Defender uses that method.

    I am sorry to say, but I think Bitdefender's developers are lazy and do not care to implement it right. Wich is a shame. This really would be an easy task. I will contact Christian Ghisler (the developer of Total Commander) and ask him for help. I am sure he will care!

    It is very sad thad Bitdefender does not care for millions of users who are using third party file managers...

  • I also found that this bug is present since 2016 and the context menu was working as supposed before that:

    So this is an unfixed bug since 7 years. Maybe it is time to fix it now? :)

  • I got an answer from support:


    The integration with third-party file managers, however, presents a unique set of challenges. These file managers operate differently from Windows Explorer and may not support the same methods for adding third-party context menu options. This is not a limitation or bug within Bitdefender itself but rather a compatibility issue between the different software architectures.

    Our development team continuously works to enhance Bitdefender's compatibility and feature set. However, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of third-party file managers requires extensive collaboration with their developers and may not always be feasible due to the varying architectures and development priorities.


    Which is very sad. And not true at all.

    You could add those context menus not just for Windows Explorer, but for all file explorers.

    Bitdefender already worked that way before 2016.

    Now I uninstalled Bitdefender and use Windows Defender again.