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OK. I can see a number of posts of this topic before, but about specific notifications.

Myself, I have a suspicious connection blocked message that appears up to 20 times a minute (it's something to do with my clients Teams site). I am very happy the connection is blocked, but I am not happy I cannot turn this specific notification off or mute it!

When a notification pops up, I can no longer type in which ever application I'm using until I re-click within that application. When I'm this happens 20 times a minute, I can no longer work effectively. When I no longer can work effectively, I look for other virus protection products.

I understand security alert notifications are important but I would recommend you provide the facility to mute notifications or specific notifications or you'll lose customers.


  • Gjoksi


    You can follow the steps in this article:

    and see if that helps.


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Bonners and welcome to the Community!

    There is an ongoing review process for the notifications and our developers are looking for ways to streamline the pop-up messages and warnings, especially the ones that are stealing focus, to further improve the manner in which the product communicates with the user.

    We are making progress with this type of notifications and a proposal to implement a throttling mechanism specific for these type of pop-ups from encrypted web scan has been recently pushed forward by the product managers.

    It is essential to continue to log events for each incident, but limit the amount of pop-ups that get displayed, regardless of what's being blocked. The actual problem, as reported by many users, is that these notifications interrupt user activity and steal focus by being too frequent, since a pop up is triggered for every dangerous connection attempt, which can happen continuously.

    I have brought this into the attention of our developers and provided countless detailed examples from the community. This is now being addressed with high priority and I trust they will find a suitable solution in a timely manner.

    In the meantime, kindly follow the steps provided by Gjoksi above, to mitigate the "suspicious connection blocked" notifications.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • vbfhg rh

    Seriously - how is this not fixed yet guys?

    I won't be renewing as completely fed up of these intrusive pop up notifications with no simple way to disable them.

    And no, I do not want to disable crucial features or activate a profile to remove the notifications. The latter disables crucial tasks such as scheduled scans.

    Just laughable given how many complaints you've had over such as basic feature.