BitDefender's bdservicehost high cpu usage plague - any way to solve that for good?

I hope to find a solution to my problems but since I do not have much hope I believe this will be more of a rant. I have been plagued by bdservicehost suddenly starting to use 20% of my CPU when idle, even though I have no scheduled scans, and if I check my SSD activity it does not show much data being read or written (I mean, what could BitDefender be processing so intensively if my disk total reads/writes are well below 1 MB/s?).

BitDefender Virus Shield apparently just likes to burn CPU power and it is infuriating that this issue has been reported throughout many years and it seems to be still very present. Unfortunately I had not known of this before acquiring a license (to be fair - I also use BD on a Desktop machine, but it is a huge tower, has water cooling, and overall a really powerful processor; if I had noticed my CPU cores burning there as well that would actually completely amaze me).

I've read pretty much all I could in terms of other support tickets and reddit threads and proposed solutions like "Please run DISM"; "Please run SFC check"; "Please uninstall, remove temp and config folders, and reinstall"; "Enable gaming mode" and etc; Sincerely these all seem like lazy ways to save support time when giving a false sense of hope so people can spend their time trying to do something about the problem. I've done all of these to no results.

My notebook has 32GB of RAM and an i7 9750H processor, but nevertheless BD's Virus Shield keeps my CPU cores burning hot when I do not have any scheduled scans nor there's noticeable SSD activity on my machine. Note that also happens when I am not even running cpu intensive softwares. And the only way which I found to sort that? Disabing BitDefender's Virus Shield - but of course that completely defeats the purpose of even using an AV.

Has anyone ever experienced this scenario and managed to fix the problem, without having the same issue returning after a couple of days (if not hours) again?

Thanks, and sorry for the temper; my machine's fans are driving me mad.