I forgot Bitdefender Total Security app/ product password. How to reset it?

I already tried downloading the "Password Reset Tool" from website and runnig it in safe mode but this is not working. Plz help.

Is there a way to directly delete password key from registry?

Or some other method?

Or a "Password Reset Tool" that's working?

I am using Bitdefender Total Security on Windows 10.

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  • Can I try guessing my password unlimited no. of times in a go? Or there is a limit to that?

  • Gjoksi
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    Hello again.

    Yes, you can try guessing your password unlimited number of times, there is no limit about that.

    But, why wasting time, when you can simply uninstall/reinstall the program or/and contact Bitdefender Consumer Support.


  • Hello @Dr.

    If you forget the password, you will have to reinstall the program or contact Bitdefender for support, there is no other way around it and I wouldn't recommend trying multiple times. The engineers will help and contacting them will save precious time.


  • Thankyou so much.

    I contacted the customer support & they asked me to follow steps in the link mentioned below:

    How do I reset the password set for Bitdefender product settings?

  • Hi @Dr.

    I'm glad to hear that, thank you for following up on this matter.