Privacy Settings & Bitdefender Password Manager

Where are the Bitdefender Privacy Settings to Protect against Bitdefender Password Manager being pushed by Bitdefender as a Notification? 😣


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    This has already been discussed here (click on "View Post"):

    You could also read my comment in that post.

    Currently there is no option/setting to disable that particular notification, except to activate "Game profile" or "Work Profile" and see if that helps.

    Also, let's wait for a response from @Alexandru_BD and @Mike_BD and see what they can say about the notification.


  • Alexandru_BD
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    Hello @xavier.beltran and welcome to the Community!

    Yes, this notification was slightly modified in the latest update version, as work has been carried out for Password Manager as well. The developers are currently revising this mechanism for further optimization. As @Gjoksi pointed above, there is no option nor setting to disable this particular notification completely from the first pop-up at the moment.


  • @xavier.beltran what happens exactly if you click on "x" to dismiss the notification? Does it go away or pop up again after some time?


  • It's what I did the last time it popped up. Hasn't reappeared yet...

  • How many times did you get the pop up notification?

  • Reappeared a few seconds ago

  • I am getting this as well, at least once per day with offers and recommendations turned off. It is incredibly annoying and disingenuous of this company to still push products with those options off.

  • Hello @xavier.beltran and @voidzzz ,

    The unwanted notifications were generated by a technical issue on our side and we rushed to address this in a fix, released to the whole user base on August 23rd 2022. We apologize for the inconveniences caused.


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