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Every time Bitdefender blocks something a Bitdefender popup UI appears called "MyAccount". I find this nerve racking and it makes me want to switch to something else. How can I prevent this popup from occurring every time it shows block dialog?


  • Hello @earamsey and welcome to the Community!

    Can you share a screenshot with us, so we can know exactly what is the full body of the pop-up message? This will help us identify the module that is related to it and what exactly triggers the notification, so we can further advise if and how it can be disabled.


  • it is not letting me upload, it says I have to be around a little while longer before I can post links.

  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod

    @earamsey as per the notice you received, it takes a few more posts to be able to upload the screenshot.

    Since @Alexandru_BD has been helping you, he may grant you an exemption to be able to post the image. He will be off for the weekend and back on Monday morning.

    Kind regards,


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  • It's still not letting me post images.

  • Scott
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    @earamsey you're not quite there yet, you need to be at level 2.

    • Members – They can participate in discussions, open new threads and engage with other peers. If you have recently joined us, please note that permissions to post links and images will be unlocked after reaching the Level 2 rank. The rank is automatically updated after posting at least 5 comments.

    I'll give @Alexandru_BD a shout-out for you :)

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  • Hello @earamsey,

    You may try to add an image now, if the pop up persists. We need to see exactly what the message is, in order to advise further.

    Thank you @Scott for the heads-up :)