Restart Required + Notifications Distrupting Work

Hi Bit Defender,

I encorage you to take this feedback before you find one on google or other platform.

New to Bit Defender here purchesed in 2020 changed from Kaspersky in 2020. I keep getting this notification to restart my computer/s even after shutting down at the end of each day / use.

By the sounds of it, this has been a previous topic and management has not bothered to fix this. The fix provided was "to just mute the notification".

Windows, Steam and every other application manages updates when I shutdown and restart at the end of my day. so why is this not possible with Bit Defender.

This problem occurs on all of my devices. I will be deactivating my auto-renew and assess if this has been fixed, if not I guess it is time to try what the rest of the market has to offer.

Take this feedback and make the changes as this is no new issue, its annoying to see so many random marketing and password manager bullS*it. I do not appreciate the spam, I paid so leave me alone.

Thank you,


  • Hello @New_User2020 and welcome to the Community!

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience with us.

    By the sounds of it, the notification is asking for a restart for the update. The device must be restarted specifically, instead of a shut down.

    In regards to recommendations for other services included or not in your current subscription, if you are referring to the Password Manager notification, this can now be disabled by turning OFF the recommendation notifications as shown below: