VPN not working for France (6play)


I used to utilize ExpressVPN with which I've never had any issue: I localized in France and could access 6play. When I localize in France with BitD VPN, 6play doesn't see me in France...

Any idea???



  • Hello @Lainemichael,

    I am sorry to hear this.

    The VPN development teams are continuously working on expanding support for regional platforms, however, we cannot provide a clear estimate at this stage. It appears that 6play cannot be accessed at the moment.

    Thank you for your understanding.


  • Same problem here. Unable to access streaming and Tv sites in France. I get identified as located in Germany and therefore have no access!

  • Hi,

    Some websites have implemented a system to detect VPNs and do not load or display errors if the Internet connection is filtered through a VPN. Did you have access to those streaming sites using a VPN connection before?


  • Yes all other VPN used in the past worked including BitFinder until recently

  • Hi,

    I understand. Do you still have any other VPNs installed on the device? Have you tested other VPN connections recently? Because if none work, than it's clearly the website that is not allowing the connection.


  • Hi, I have the same issue with M6 replay.