Bitdefender won Best Antivirus Software Overall in the latest comparative test

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According to a comparative test conducted by How-To Geek, Bitdefender emerges as the #1 cybersecurity solution with some of the best malware detection and removal rates available, and also throws in a huge amount of extra security tools and features.

Check the article below for the full review:


  • Gjoksi
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  • Bitdefender is #1 as always! This is why I am proud to be a partner!

  • Nunzio77
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    But according to AV Comparative in the last test the ranking is not the first ... it was beaten by some free AV ...

    Nunzio ·

    Bitdefender Plus, Windows 10 Pro-32 Bit, CPU Intel Core2 Duo T7500, RAM 4 Gb - Bitdefender Mobile Security

  • Hello @possiblydavid and thank you so much for your kind words!

    That's quite a 'heavy' signature you have there 😅

    We are happy and proud to have you as our trusted partner and community member. I send you my best regards and wish you great success in your business and future ventures.

  • Hello @Nunzio d'Abbruzzo,

    Well, the position in the independent tester's leaderboards really depends on where you look and for which operating system you look. As the tester points out, while some products may sometimes be able to reach 100% protection rates in a test, it does not mean that these products will always protect against all threats on the web. It just means that they were able to block 100% of the widespread malicious samples used in a test.

    For the past decade, Bitdefender has undoubtedly been one of the best security solution providers in the world – we’re not just beating our own drum and we often let independent reviewers, specialty magazines and customers advocate for that.

    As always, the security researchers will going through the samples used in such tests, where available, to understand where our detection came short and how we can improve it to go back to our “usual” 100% percent that we've got in the past. Consistency, resilience and innovation are key elements in everything we do here.

    Bitdefender provides the best overall protection in the world. Proof to that are countless awards received from independent testing organizations and specialized IT websites. Bitdefender also has received more “Product of the Year Awards” than any other security vendor in independent tests in the last decade (2009-2019). Our detection technologies are not only used by millions of consumers and enterprise users, it’s also being licensed to about 30 percent of our competitors in the anti-virus space.

    Behind the numbers and overall success of our products, there are talented and dedicated people who develop powerful, innovative technologies that have won multiple awards and I never miss the chance to give them credit for that, as they are real heroes.


  • Nunzio77
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    Hi @Alexandru_BD this I do not doubt it and I know very well that Bitdefender is a leading company in the cybersecurity sector. But it would also be nice if they fixed small bugs related to the free product, since it has been relaunched again. Secure search protection still not working, USB drive scan on demand still not working, high RAM usage, and now free protection pop-up expired when it is not true and free protection is forever as indicated when installing free antivirus. I trust Bitdefender and hope they solve these problems too.

    Nunzio ·

    Bitdefender Plus, Windows 10 Pro-32 Bit, CPU Intel Core2 Duo T7500, RAM 4 Gb - Bitdefender Mobile Security

  • Scott
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    I agree, there can be fluctuations in scores here and there, but Bitdefender over the years is one of the AV's that consistantly recieves high scores in real world testing, without multiple false positives.


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