Change my Device

If I installed the virus protection on my iPhone last week, can I delete the app and still have the ability to install on a computer instead of my phone?


  • Gjoksi
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    First, you need to remove the old device (the iPhone) from your Bitdefender Central account, by following these steps:

    Then, you should uninstall the Bitdefender program from your old device (the iPhone), by following these steps:

    That's all.

    After that, the old device (the iPhone) will be NOT listed in your Bitdefender Central account as a device using Bitdefender program.

    Finally, you can now install the Bitdefender program on the new device (the new PC/laptop), by following these steps:


  • Hello @Annamarie and welcome to the Community!

    Yes you can, simply follow the insightful steps described by Gjoksi above.

    Since you are using a Total Security license for up to 5 devices, you can protect the main operating systems, Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, so basically if you remove a mobile device to free up a slot, you can use that slot to protect your PC 😊