Why didn't BitDefender protect me against Malware?

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  • Flexx
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    Not every anti malware vendor can detect each and every piece of malicious samples.

    If you have come across any sample file that you may think is malicious, you can share it directly with the malware researchers via the below stated link.


    If the sample file is indeed malicious and same is verified by malware researchers, detection will be created in maximum of 72 hours.


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  • Hello @JensBen and welcome to the Community!

    Well, this is a very generic question with a broad range of possible answers.

    First, we must know how did you reach this conclusion, what type of malware is involved and how it was discovered. Then, as Flexx explained above, we must take into consideration that no antivirus can reach 100% detection. As the article above points out, Bitdefender detects about 99.51% of viruses in the wild, so it is possible, although very unlikely, that a virus will get past its filters. This happens mainly because new malware is released continuously and there is a time gap between the moment a virus is created and the moment we add detection for it.