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Data Breach


If one has been identified using my email address and via the bitdefender dashboard it can't be validated (the 6 digit code doesn't come through) does this mean it's compromised? I recently added an outlook account and the code came through which has got me thinking/ slightly worried.

Any suggestions would be welcome and appreciated 🙂


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Maathew B. and welcome to the Community!

    Not receiving the code doesn't really mean that the email address is compromised. You can use to check if your address has been leaked in the past. If the security code does not arrive, check if the email is correct and if it is, use the resend option. If you still don't receive the code, kindly contact our Technical Support teams and include the phone number used and a brief description of the issue.

    You can get in touch with our engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:

    Let us know how it goes.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user