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How do I know if subfolders are also excluded from scans for any given path?



I am also using Norton Security (on other devices) and it has a clear option to exclude subfolders from scans, once a path is selected for exclusion. BitDefender does not have any mention of subfolders in the exclusion and I don't see any mention of this in the manual neither. I need to be certain a large number of subfolders within a folder are not being scanned. Can you show me if the log file indicates this exclusion or if there is another way to see exclusions?



  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @John A and welcome to the Community!

    So, whenever a path is selected for exclusion, any subfolders located there will inherit the preference and will be excluded from scanning as well. This information is indeed not specified in the user guide, but I guess it's somehow intuitive.


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