How do I install Bitdefender when it requires Internet Explorer which is no longer available

Internet Explorer is no longer available from Microsoft. It is no longer supported. So how do I install Bitdefender? I have Bitdefender on other devices but newer systems or reset systems cannot load Internet Explorer. What do I do now?



  • Alexandru_BD
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    edited November 2022

    Hello @DCar,

    The Bitdefender Agent requires at least Internet Explorer 11 to communicate between our licensing servers and your antivirus. Internet explorer runtimes are present on all Windows computers, and that gives us a surefire way to make sure your subscription info is communicated to locally installed Bitdefender software.

    It will work.


  • Yes it would work if you could download Internet Explorer 11. It is no longer available from Microsoft.

  • Hi @DCar,

    The fact that Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported means that Bitdefender can no longer be installed on systems on which newer iexplorer runtimes cannot be installed. Simply install the antivirus on your device and let us know how it goes, it should work.


  • In addition to Edge on windows 10, you won’t be able to put another one. IE11 is no longer supported. The EDGE mode for IE does not allow you to work in bitdefender. The same situation will be for windows 11. At the moment, new installations will not work. Solve the problem, make it possible to work on browsers with chromium engine. On this, all problems will disappear.