How To Prevent Bitdefender Blocking A VBScript File I Desperately Need?

Hi everyone first time poster today I'm hoping for an answer to my please help message.

I have a Kia car whereby the onboard Satnav and car system needs updating,I did this last year via my PC with no problems at all,its a large file and takes around 35-45 minutes to complete so this year I left the PC to carry on doing it's thing whilst I had other things to do.

I came back an hour latter only to find a flashing message from Bitdefender saying,

suspicion Activity blocked. This is a VBScript file as it was last year, that one was downloaded with no issues.My problem now is I can't find a way to allow Bitdefender to download this particilar safe file.This VBScript files comes straight from Kia,millions of owners use this file with no problems.