DO’s and DONT’s for safe online shopping this Black Friday

Alexandru_BD admin
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The biggest sales event of the year means big bucks for retail as millions of deal hunters dig into their wallets to snag the best deals, both in-store and online.

Click on the article below to find out what are the best practices when shopping online and in-store:

Do you have any safety tips for our community members? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Hello,

    Some small tips are:

    - Be wary of very tempting promotions

    - Always buy from trusted sites (already well known, like the official Bitdefender store)

    - Keep your Bitdefender updated because through web browsing and other modules you can protect yourself from the famous phishing sites that want to steal your personal data

    There are lots and many other tips, but currently, I'm just remembering these 😙

    Stay safe

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