log in on password manager every time I open Firefox browser

SteveS ✭✭
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I recently installed Password Manager on my PC as a Firefox Add-on. But every time I open Firefox now Password Manager wants me to log in....which is pretty dam annoying. The old "Wallet" didn't require this. Is there anyway I can turn off the login requirement in Password manager every time I open Firefox? Or is it because I'm logged into Firefox (Mozilla) & that's why it requires the log in every time I open it. The "Remember Me" tick box doesn't seem to make any difference. Doesn't happen on my mobile (Android) when I open Firefox, & Password Manager is installed on it too.

Why would my PC browser version require it but my mobile app version doesn't?

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  • SteveS

    Well, I just tried the "Remember Me" tick box option & got the pop-up message...closed & opened Firefox again & it seems to have worked....typical....I swear it didn't work the first time I tried it...but that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes...hmmm...cookies....🍪😁

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @SteveS,

    Thank you for following up. There have been several discussions in the community regarding the "remember me" feature and its behaviour is currently under investigation by the development teams. Check this thread out, maybe you can share your experience with other members that have encountered this:


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