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How Can I Transfer Subscription From Old Laptop To New Laptop?


I used my last subscription on a laptop that I returned and I'm about to get a different laptop. Do I need to buy a new or multi-volume subscription in order to protect my new laptop, or is there some way to transfer the subscription I had on the laptop for about 2 weeks?

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  • Thanks. I had no idea it would be so easy. I thought that once you used a subscription that was it. I didn't realize that it was x number of subscriptions at a time.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Peacekeeper

    One of the best features of Bitdefender is the ability to manage your subscriptions using the Central account. From there you can not only add or remove devices, but you can also control security, track your lost devices and run remote scans and optimizations – all in one place.

    Here's a guide to help you manage your subscriptions and protection using the Central account:

    Enjoy your Bitdefender product and the Community.


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