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Possible False Positive On Reimage


I would like to report false positive detection.

The installer file is detected by BitDefender as Application.Deceptor.Reimage.A

MD5:                   f5af9d859c9a031ab6bea66048fab6e1

SHA1:                  d0ee45d3534cc23cbd0d7c3765203ed926a7eb0a

SHA256:             4efd1bc1bdc12da1bbdc597cf3f37f0c65e582f42e353cf781ac1fe422dfa68c

Cert:                    776BD651D73771929CA25731508D5DA02A8EE238

Issuer:                 Symantec Class 3 SHA256 Code Signing CA

IssuedTo:           Reimage Ltd.

Virustotal link:

Kindly assist in removing detection and whitelisting the file. Thank you.