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The Expert Community supports our talented Computer Science students

Mike_BD admin
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This weekend we are visiting the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science - University Politehnica of Bucharest, where we support the students in the latest Hackathon challenge that takes place in the Bitdefender lab.

The Hackathon involves solving an exercise proposed by the Operating Systems team, from the material covered in the course and OS labs. The exercise is proposed to be solved by a team of 2 students enrolled in the Operating Systems course. The first 3 best implementations will be rewarded with prizes. With many student teams enrolled, the competition is fierce.

All participants are invited to share their experience on this thread after the event.

Good luck to all students and may the best team win!

Stay tuned, as more information from the event will soon follow.

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  • Alexandru_BD

    13 teams participated in the Hackathon this year and we are looking forward to meet the winners!

    For now, here's a picture of @Mike_BD having a meaningful conversation with the students:

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