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All of the sudden VPN Broken Tunnel Error causing disconnect and can't access certain sites


With an unusual effect --- I cannot access any of my personal websites I own and are hosted through hostgator when the VPN is NOT working. I can ONLY get to them when the VPN is connected and working. This JUST started happening right around doing a windows 11 update. I can get to my portal dashboard on hostgator, but cannot go any further. Cannot get to cpanel. And cannot access any website directly either that I have hosted on hostgator. I have no problem accessing them via my mobile phone using the same wifi network regardless of the vpn connection. I've looked at everything and can't figure it out. And, the VPN keeps randomly disconnecting (frequently!!!) due to a broken tunnel 18.

I can't find a fix for that. And don't know why it not working would cause me to not access those sites and just those sites. HELP! Please!!!