My Location Does Not Match On Several Websites. Any Help On The Issue?

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How can I open a site with my location that I want?

Netflix and Disney do not open with the location I want. 

Is this normal to happen?



  • Hello @BitVpn and welcome to the Community!

    Since you are using the Premium VPN, you have the possibility to select the location from the list of available servers:

    Depending on the distance between your actual location and the server location you choose to connect to, some speed penalty is expected, however it’s almost always sufficiently small that it goes unnoticed during normal online activity. When choosing automatic, the VPN will connect you to the optimal server for the best network speed.

    Concerning streaming services, some websites have implemented a system to detect VPNs and do not load or display errors if the Internet connection is filtered through a VPN. To determine whether the problem lies within the VPN, temporarily disconnect from Bitdefender VPN and then try to visit again the site. In all cases, the server must be selected prior to accessing the webpage and you can try different servers if some do not display the desired content. For futher troubleshooting, you may also get in touch with our Support engineers who can provide further advice regarding the VPN usage and connectivity. You can contact them using the link below:


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  • I want to open for example vpn location)

  • I understand. What message do you get, if any? Netflix should be available with a VPN connection, however, I cannot guarantee that all libraries will work.. if you turn OFF the VPN, can you access Netflix?


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