Respawning "" Folder On NAS. Any Help?

edited January 2023 in Bitdefender Box

Hi, I noticed that a zipped folder called "info" has been created in every folder and sub-folder on an external drive that was connected as NAS to my previous router. I never enabled any access to the drive from outside my network. Previously I have deleted some of the "info" folders and they appear to come back. I believe that malware on my pc is the cause.

Since then I have installed a new router and I am using the paid version of Bitdefender Armor Security through my Netgear Nighthawk router since the pc is not used outside of my network.

  • Is there a way to determine if malware exists on the pc? Bitdefender has not identified anything on the pc from the network scans.
  • Is there a way to remove from every folder on the external hard drive? It would be very time consuming to remove them manually, there are many.

I have not unzipped any of the files. Thanks for reading my post.