Password protected uninstall

I just uninstalled an instance of Total Security with a settings password set in, and I realized it allowed me to go ahead without even using the password.

There is no use in having a password for Bitdefender if anyone can just uninstall Bitdefender (That takes like two minutes) without using such password.


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  • Gjoksi
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    This has already been discussed here:

    (just click on "View Post")

    9 months later, the feature hasn't been implemented yet.


    Any news on this?



  • Hi,

    Well, as it happens with all feature requests, I simply cannot guarantee that it will be implemented. While some features are declined from start, others might have greater chances of being developed in the future.

    However, this doesn't mean that some ideas are good and others are bad. Any idea is welcome and usually, there's a need behind that idea. So, whenever a need for something becomes a "must-have", it will have priority over a "nice-to-have". And there's the backlog, I forgot about the backlog of things 🙂