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How To Configure Firewall To Allow Tailscale To Make Direct Connection?

If I use the native Windows firewall, Tailscale will be able to make direct connection with other computers. However when I switch to Bitdefender Firewall, direct connection can no longer be made. It has to use a relay server. Is there any way to resolve this?



  • Gjoksi


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  • To configure a firewall to allow Tailscale to make a direct connection, you will need to open specific ports and protocols that Tailscale uses to communicate. Here are the steps you can take to configure your firewall to allow Tailscale to make a direct connection:

    1. Identify the ports and protocols that Tailscale uses: Tailscale uses the UDP protocol on port 51820 for peer-to-peer communication, and also uses port 443 for outbound connections to the Tailscale network.
    2. Create a firewall rule to allow incoming and outgoing traffic on the identified ports: Depending on your firewall configuration, you may need to create separate rules for incoming and outgoing traffic. You can also create a rule to allow all traffic from the Tailscale process.
    3. Allow traffic from the Tailscale process: You will need to configure your firewall to allow traffic from the Tailscale process, so that the firewall does not block Tailscale's connections.
    4. Make sure to check your firewall's documentation for specific instructions on how to create and configure firewall rules as it can vary depending on the type of firewall you are using.
    5. Test the connection: Once you've made the changes to your firewall, you should test the Tailscale connection to ensure that it is able to make a direct connection as expected.

    It's important to note that depending on the security policies of your organization or the specific