Full Analysis Under Rescue Mode Reboots My PC. Any Help?


I have done a complete scan yesterday and didn't find any threat. I then tried to run the system analysis in rescue mode: Windows 10 starts with its light blue screen (slightly reduced in size), then seems to start something which quickly reboots the PC. Is there a log to check whether BitDefender was launched (and if so, whether an error occured) ? Is there a rescue ISO allowing runnig a deep analysis from linux ? Thanks in advance.


  • Without Bitdefender installed, did your Windows Defender offline scan worked before? If not, then your WinRe partition is missing due to a incomplete OS install/upgrade.

  • I never used Windows Defender offline as I've been using Eset for over a decade and switched to BitDefender last year. Eset always worked fine in rescue mode. I'll check the WinRe partition. Thanks for your advise.

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