AVLab Poland Testing Result January 2023

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Now before we start, I would like to make it clear that I have long experience with BD products (since 2008) and I’ve been doing malware hunting, testing and analysis as well (nowadays much less so as I need to focus on my own business). I consider Bitdefender almost fully stellar and impenetrable in terms of malware detection.

I figured I should introduce myself before I start.

I am curious about this test and what happened there, as the result is highly unusual. Bitdefender has not had such a result probably since 2012 anywhere.

Is it multiple morphed copies of the same malware? Some tech details would be great.


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    Those results have been already discussed here (just click on "View Post"):


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    Thanks but I was hoping to get a more sample-oriented response. What were these samples? The free version doesn’t have AMSI integration/ ******_scanning and the new command line/memory scanning so it may be possible not to deal with some custom packers, threats under layers of obfuscation and fileless attacks as well as the paid versions. Is that the case here?

    Also, why is the free version submitted on that test side by side with Enterprise products? Did Bitdefender decide to submit AV Free?

    This topic is more for Bitdefender staff.

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    Helo again.

    In that case, just wait for a response from @Alexandru_BD and @Mike_BD, as they both work for Bitdefender, and from @camarie, who works for Bitdefender as Principal Software Developer.

    My comment was only to inform that there has been already a topic on that matter, nothing more.

    Who knows, maybe we will get some answers from the persons i tagged, in your and the other topic. 🙂

    Kind regards.

  • Hi,

    I can share more insight on this. The Bitdefender labs are indeed keeping an eye on the detection results by independent testing firms. However, it's difficult to keep track of all independent reviewers, as you can imagine.

    Behind the scenes, there are talented and dedicated people who develop powerful, innovative technologies that have won multiple awards from the most trusted independent testing labs in the industry and they are always going through the samples used in tests, where available, to understand where our detection fell short and how they can improve detection for any missing samples.

    As some independent testers point out, while some products may sometimes be able to reach 100% protection rates in a test, this doesn't mean that these products will always protect against all threats on the web. It just means they were able to block 100% of the widespread malicious samples used in a test.

    Whenever the independent testers can provide the security researchers with their findings and samples according to the standardization (AMTSO), or if they can share them per request, the Bitdefender Labs analyze them and take their feedback into account for future updates in the detection area.

    I hope the information is helpful.