What Is "Error Code 501" When Scanning Fails On Android Phone?

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I read here that the error has been fixed. NEWSFLASH!!! No it hasn't been fixed or it would not be happening to me. I need to know what that error code represents and if there is a fix please.


  • Hello @DBofQ,

    Check your internet connection, switch between networks (wi-fi, data) and resume scanning the device.

    Based on the previous discussions on this topic, the error has to do with the network:

    Let us know how it goes.


  • Whilst related to the wifi connection issue. Mine was more related to a ridiculously slow Bitdefender VPN connection. I actually had to turn off the vpn to continue the scan. So Yes it was connection related, but not as simple as wifi or 5G connection. Thank you for the response. It did set me on the right path.

  • @DBofQ You are most welcome, I'm glad to hear the information was helpful.

    @Kevinpaulson Thank you for the additional info!