Bug: Extremely high page fault incidence on bdservicehost.exe

I have noticed a performance impact while using Bitdefender Total Security in some cases, and after noticing the extraordinarily high page faults on bdservicehost.exe, I decided to check this every day before posting this.

And yeah, this is not an isolated issue just some days, bdservicehost.exe really has an awful problem with PFs, it greatly surpasses page faults even on system processes, which are also always open since start like Bitdefender:

Please pass this on to the engineers, because work has to be done in the code to lower page faults, a lot of them is not good on performance. This is not a version-specific issue, as this has happened since I started checking this, and I've install several Bitdefender updates.



  • Hello @SaurikSI,

    Thank you for posting your findings. I have forwarded your feedback to our development teams.

    Much appreciated.