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How to remove an upgradetool error?


Good morning,

I've been getting this error for a while now when I start my system. How can I eliminate it?


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  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod
    edited March 2023 Answer ✓

    Good morning, @bart1410

    You could try running a repair and see if that works. Otherwise, you can do a complete uninstall /reinstall (which may be the better option).

     Doing a complete uninstall using the uninstall tool, which will completely remove Bitdefender from you PC. I have found there is usually a folder left after the uninstall in Local Disk/Users/your user name/Application Data (make sure to unhide folders)/Local/Bitdefender. Check there just to be sure.

    Then, after the uninstall and reboot, right-click the Windows start button, Run (or Windows key and R) type in "temp" (no apostrophes) and run the command, then delete all the files Windows will allow.

    Now do the same thing with %temp% deleting those files, then also do the same with "prefetch" from the Run box. Empty the Recycle bin.

    Then go into your Central account, and from your Subscriptions, Click on Total Security, Install Protection on new device, This device, and see if that clears your issue up.

    A more thorough version of the temp clean-up can be run in Safe Mode, if desired.

    If needed, you can contact support from here.

    Kind regards,


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