Does Bitdefender Store Firewall Log Files?

I can see that BD is writing log files to this location (on my PC):

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Bitdefender\Desktop\Profiles\Logs

It seems all of these log files are "scan logs" related to virus scanning activity.

Where do I find the log files for firewall?

My use case is I want an easy way to review all the outbound connections being made. If I have the log files, I can parse them for this info. I know the information is in the UI, but clicking into every single alert is both time consuming and tedious.


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    Hi @Rustyw007

    Unfortunately, BD does not keep Firewall log files for you to be able to review. New outbound connections can be found in Notifications, which does have more information.

    If you wanted to start a thread in the Features and Product Ideation sub-forum, is up to you. It has been mentioned before, but with all that the developers and engineers are working on now, it would probably be put on the back shelf, for a while.

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