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How to transfer activation key from old account to new account?

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Dears i have mistakenly created 2 accounts (lets call them 1 MAIN and 2 OLD), 2 different email addresses.

On 1 MAIN i have all my devices registered an protected, and on 1 OLD i added (i had a few old devices there) i added a new license key to OLD BY MISTAKE. All the devices i WANT to protect are in my MAIN account. No use protecting devices that are on the shelf ie I removed all devices from account OLD. ie can i transfer the activation code form OLD to MAIN? also i can just have account OLD deleted, no worries. Please help! Thanks Martijn

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  • Scott
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    Hi @martijnj

    Unfortunately, regarding something like this, we cannot help you on the forum. You would need to contact support from the link below, who can get this straightened out for you.

    Click on the Purchase and Manage Subscription box, answer a couple of questions then the black contact support box. I would start with Chat, as they can head you in the right direction quickly. Phone support is not toll-free. There is also the option of contacting support via email from that page if desired.

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  • martijnj
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    PS, Just to be sure, i only need to have protection thus license activated in 1 account (MAIN), and de-activated in the WRONG (OLD) account. Thanks a bunch team. martijn

  • martijnj
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    Thanks mate, will do. I know its an outlier :-)

    BTW i used email. lets see or i will go to chat, but dont want to fight with a robot too long!

  • i just had assistance via the chat, super fast. i'll come back if its resolved.