Checking Accounts using Password Manager


Entered all credit cards easily. Thanks. How do I, or can I, enter checking account information...routing numbers and account numbers. Thanks again.

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  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod

    Hi @Guy Boye

    Currently, there is no ability to enter that banking information as a form fill, you would need to create a Note, enter that information there, and type. or copy and paste from there as needed. And just a security question from my end, @Alexandru_BD or @Mike_BD is it safe to copy and paste from within the Password Manager notes, as far as where those are being "clipboard" from, or would it be better to have the Note open and type in that information?

    And just a personal preference thing, I'm really not sure I would be comfortable with that much information being stored in an online, browser-based password manager, even though it's "secure". (see Privacy and Security). I would rather do more of that type of banking in Safepay with the check next to me, adding in those numbers from the keyboard.

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