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Scan is not working?

edited May 2023 in Install & Updates

Since upgrading to MacOS Ventura 13.3.1 Bitdefender (already reinstalled) is not working properly. For instance the Scan function only gives a bar under the BD-symbol in the dock, but doesn't count or move at all. Anyone?

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  • Pirke

    Thanks! Reaching out to the support team helped. I reinstalled BD after upgrading to Ventura, but used App Cleaner & Uninstaller instead of the BD-uninstaller and that was the problem.

    ST: After upgrading your OS it is sometimes better to reinstall Bitdefender so that it is properly reintegrated into the new system. Therefore, please navigate to Applications - Bitdefender - Bitdefender Uninstaller, uninstall it, restart your Mac, then download a new installation kit from your central account and install Bitdefender.

  • Alexandru_BD

    Thanks for following up @Pirke 👍️

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