bdagent startup file

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i may be being paranoid but just checking. bdagent is listed as a startup program but it doesnt have an icon or a publisher. is this still the legitimate bitdefender startup program or something else?


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    Bitdefender Agent (bdagent) is not a virus or malware.

    Bitdefender Agent is an official program used by its programs to establish the whole program in your computer and also keep it running all the time. It is necessary to keep running for an antivirus. That’s why Bitdefender has given the task to another process. This process makes the whole antivirus awake all the time in the system tray. So whenever your system is running the Bitdefender Antivirus Free, you will also see it running in the process list.

    It also saves the settings that you configure in the Bitdefender products. Overall, it is used to install the Bitdefender product in your system. It also helps them running and performs other essential tasks that are essential for them to work. So it is an assistant to the actual Bitdefender product.

    The main task for the Bitdefender Agent is to assist the actual program. Bitdefender Antivirus will take care of viruses and malware, while the Agent will take care that the Security program keep running.