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I would like to know, as the title says, if it's possible to add C:\Pagefile.sys to the Exceptions list in the settings. The said file can't be chosen as a file to be excepted via the Browse for files Dialog box. However, copy-pasting the file path into the relevant field does activate the three fields below: Antivirus, Online Threat Prevention & Advance Threat Defense. The downside is only Online Threat Prevention is accessible with the other two options grayed out. This is in spite of running the BD client with elevated privileges.

Are there any tricks to unlock the grayed out fields. I have a specific need for exempting the file from active scanning to test something unrelated, although Bitdefender maybe playing it's part in causing the specific issue.

Thank you

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    As for the Advanced Threat Defense module, only .EXE file types can be added to the exception list. The extension .exe stands for “executable”, the file that opens an app. Other file types or folders cannot be excluded as Advanced Threat Defense only monitors running .EXE processes.

    As for the Antivirus module, i tested on my PC several .SYS file types and no matter what i did, they can't be added to the exception list in the Antivirus module.

    So, i contacted Bitdefender Consumer Support (agent Nicolae K) and i'm waiting for their response.


  • Thank you for the reply.

    Yes, the ability to add .SYS files to the Antivirus exclusion is what I was hoping for. Hopefully, the support personnel can shed some light.

  • Thank you again for getting back in touch. Will follow the instructions and see how it goes. As for the particular issue I'm (and a few others) facing, I may have to contact support directly, it seems.

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    Hello again.

    That was exactly what i was about to say, maybe your best bet is to contact support directly.

    Best regards.