VPN Virtual Location is a lie?

Hello, I am based in Australia. It has become quite evident that despite setting my virtual location to Australia, which location I actually get is pot luck.

I know this as I use applications that are geo-fenced to Australia and a quick check on the web tells me which location my VPN is based at. Rarely it seems I do get lucky with Bitdefender VPN and am actually able to connect to the Australian VPN.

So please Bitdefender, who are you kidding! Don't offer Australia if you don't actually offer it.



  • Hello @jackfrmbeaches and welcome to the Community!

    In some countries, there are also virtual locations and this means that servers are hosted in other parts and plug in Australian IPs so that you can actually connect in Australia, but these are very few and designed only as a backup in some countries, depending on the available infrastructure.

    It would be useful to know the sites or applications you are trying to access, because those may have certain VPN detection mechanisms in place, that block access even if you are actually connecting to Australia.

    The Bitdefender VPN server list includes 53 countries across the globe and these are all genuine, this is a respected and trusted provider.


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  • Thanks Alexandru,

    My organisation has blocked all connections to the Microsoft 365 Ecosystem (Onedrive, Outlook, etc.) from outside Australia. This was done to stop attacks.

    As mentioned more than 90% of the time, Bitdefender VPN stops me from using Outlook to get emails etc. despite me setting Australia as the default location. I've gone back to using PIA VPN which is much slower but at least it is reliable when also set to Australia.

    I'm afraid your backup system is the actual system for Australia!


  • Hello @jackfrmbeaches and thanks for getting back.

    I understand. Should you reconsider the Bitdefender VPN, check if the below article helps in any way:

    Let us know how it goes.


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  • Why is my location Russian even when I have set it to other countries? I get messages regularly that say that this service is blocked and it will have cyrilic text... Switzerland confused me when I tried that...

  • Scott
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    Hi @mngldJim

    Kindly see if this article helps to explain what you're going through or seeing on your end.



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  • mngldJim
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    Thank you but I live in the UK. I realise now that I should have put that in my first message! Lol

    So basically I'm in the UK. I'm British. I'm not Russian, don't speak Russian and I've never been to Russia... I set the Vpn, just for standard use, to any location including random, the website I visit will more than likely read my location as Russia. Most times.

    Is that because I have a virus? My antivirus is bitdefender...

  • Hello @mngldJim,

    The location is chosen randomly, but also based on server load in your area or surrounding areas. If VPN servers are under heavy use in the UK, the location will move further and further away until it finds a server that is less strained. This will help streamline the connections and will ensure proper network speeds are met.


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