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very very very slow scan, BD fails with thunderbird


Hi, i'm a BD user at home. I've tried to install it on my computer at work because my boss wants to replace kaspersky. The problem is that BD has failed always the full scan due to biblic times it takes. I've always stopped the scan after 10 and half hours at the time to close and go home.Every time it was into Thunderbird folder (20GB) where it had spent several hours (at least 6) hours checking all emails and founding several issues , all or almost all false. I've had to restore thunderbird forlder trough the backup unit because many emails were missing after trying BD.

Is there a solution to solve it ?



  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @minosky and welcome to Bitdefender and the Community!

    As the following article explains, the speed of a System Scan depends on many factors such as system specifications, large volumes of data, the computer resources in use by another software, it’s the first scan since installing Bitdefender, and most importantly, the number of archives & over-compressed files/backups. With every system scan, Bitdefender will index the files that have already been scanned, and the scan time will greatly decrease.

    You can improve the speed of the system scan by changing the Scan task priority from Low to High:

    Needless to say that your Thunderbird folder is quite large. Concerning any threats detected in e-mail, you can follow these steps to remove them:

    I hope the information is helpful.



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