How to fix Alert mode (keeps asking permissions)


Hi there,

I'm currently having an issue where Bitdefender Firewall keeps asking for permissions to Allow or Block an application. I know it stems from Alert Mode, but I do like being able to know when an application tries to access the internet. I've reinstalled bitdfender in the hopes of fixing it, but no luck. Is there a way to fix this?


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Malcom,

    Whenever Alert Mode is enabled, alerts are shown each time an app tries to connect to the internet, thus this is the expected behavior. You can select 'Allow' or 'Block', but be prepared to receive an increased number of pop-ups. Also, when Alert mode is turned on, the Profiles feature is automatically switched off. Should you wish to disable this feature, keep in mind that the Firewall will still keep track of connection attempts and will decide which to allow and which to block, without showing these pop-ups.

    For more information regarding the Firewall module, you can check the below article and customize your Firewall depending on your requirements:


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