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Can Password Manager account list be sorted alphabetically?



I recently opted to instal Bitdefender Password Manager, (PM) which I’ve found great, although after using it for a while I’ve found a minor issue.  

Each account record in PM has five fields, Title, Web address, User Log-in, password and notes. However, some websites have unusual web addresses and, if you have a lot of accounts setup, are not always easy to find.

Is it possible for PM to sort records by Title, thereby listing records alphabetically making them easier to find?

Eg web address

           Title               Supermarket

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  • Fizzy

    Hi Scott,

    many thanks for the reply and the links, it's obviously a problem for others too. Hopefully BD will take the suggestions onboard and make some changes.

    Kind regards


  • Susan8

    I see this was suggested over a year ago, is there any update on how to sort or organize? Other PW Mgrs can sort by categories, which I found useful in keeping track of activity on certain type of sites. Or is the disorganization a safety benefit?

    Thank you

  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod
    edited October 2023

    Hi @Susan8

    Unfortunately, there is no update, as this has never been acknowledged as something the developers are looking into or working on, at least as far as I know. To sort and organize the way we would like to, it would take a bigger windows size to do that more efficiently, than the smaller browser pop-up window we now have, at least in Windows.

    And no, the disorganization is not for our benefit :)


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  • Susan8

    Psst.. other PW managers have it in Windows. It's a great feature to have similar type sites together to keep better track of un-necessary ones. It doesn't take a bigger window (if anyone has looked into it). Thanks anyway.